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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SawStop Lawsuit Against Table Saw Makers Dismissed

Pro Tool Reviews: The word “conspiracy” is never a pleasant one to hear tossed around about the corporate world, especially when it involves companies you respect in an industry that you love. Recently, and fortunately, a lawsuit was dismissed by the court against virtually all of the major players in the power tool industry. SawStop, LLC had accused many companies of conspiring against adopting their table saw safety technology in an effort to avoid creating a new safety standard.

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Chris Calder said...

I am not surprised to see this, it wasn't all that long ago when in my stagecraft class at CMU and someone brought up the idea of a Saw Stop. This caused the class to launch into a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of this device. Some will argue that this product should be on every table saw in every shop, educational or otherwise, across the US. Looking at things realistically, though, it is most likely the insurance company will tell you that you need to install one of these devices on every table saw. If you were to ask someone on the shop staff you would most likely get a completely different answer. They would argue that as soon as the blade where come in contact with flesh it would instantly ruin a $400 blade. They will also argue that 90% of all the injuries on a table saw are not related to the blade, it has to do with the “kick back” of the material that you are cutting. Everyone has their own analysis on the product but as far as I’m concerned, it is not necessary to install such devices on every table saw in the industry.