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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Legal fallout begins for 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

TribLIVE: The abrupt cancellation of this summer's North American arena tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar” is apparently not being forgiven.
The Really Useful Group, the London-based production company of “Superstar” composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, said July 29 that it was taking legal action against music and theatrical producer Michael Cohl for the “unilateral decision” to scuttle the tour, which was to star punk legend John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon and Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child.

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Jasmine Lesane said...

The show needed “several hundred thousand dollars” every night to keep the show on the road. Maybe that’s just huge to me because I’m used to high school shows, but boy is that ambitious. I mean the star studded cast, and the required income from ticket sales each night just makes it seem like they started in over their head and then stayed there. I don’t understand how they couldn’t just scale the show down some. It sounds like someone in charge of the money didn’t know how to say no until it was too late. Allowing some over budget expenses might help a production, but too much, clearly, will ruin it. The Really Useful Group has every right to sue. I feel like when you decide to end a show’s run that is that massive you have to have a meeting or some sort to clear up these things. If the Production company did their end of the job then they have to be compensated. I’m just baffled by the poor planning when so much money was involved.