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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Trip to the Hand Saw, Plane, and Chisel Factory

Tools of the Trade: During a recent vacation in Maine I realized we'd be passing through Warren, home to Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, so I stopped in for a look. It was an unplanned visit so imagine my delight when I discovered they were having an open house that included a tour of the factory.

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Alexa Taladay said...

Recycling. It’s important everywhere, even when figuring out what to do with the leftover scrap from tool making. It is nice to know that the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Company makes full use of the materials they have, and work with the town nearby to stimulate the economy. I noticed that the factory uses both old and new machinery to fabricate their tools. If blade sharpening technology has only been getting more exact with new technological developments, what is the advantage to buying a product that was made with old ones for more money? It seems as if careful thought is put into the materials used for each type of tool, with functionality always in mind. It is also refreshing to see a good deal of handwork put into the polishing and finishing of the pieces, so that every tool can get the attention it needs to be as acceptably flawless as possible- otherwise, I’m worried buyers may not get their money’s worth.