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Friday, July 28, 2017

6 Ways A Toxic Workplace Affects The Rest Of Your Life A toxic workplace is bad enough at work. But when your toxic work environment begins to infiltrate the rest of your life, you really need to make a change. Here are ways a toxic workplace may hurt you and even your loved ones.


Sidney Rubinowicz said...

This brief article poses questions that are relevant to any adult in the workplace, or student in school. These themes can be applied to both because demanding hours in a high school or university can have negative effects on a person’s life, even if they do not technically have a job. Often times, driven individuals pour their hearts into their studies, while sacrificing their well being. If these six points discussed in the article are present in one’s life, priorities must be re-thought. Ultimately commitment is all about balance. Long days and all nighters are inevitable for a college student, but they should not be a daily occurrence. Personal time should be implemented into a healthy schedule to ensure proper break time is given. In one of our lunch meetings with current CMU students, we heard about the importance of time management. A technical direction student told us how she allocated an hour for lunch where she only eats and unwinds. She doesn’t allow herself to work at all during these sixty minutes. Therefore, when she resumes working, she is more relaxed and focused. Little habits like this ensure health and sanity, two elements that should not ever be taken for granted.

Jack Desmarais-Harris said...

This article is extremely brief but extremely interesting. It's almost impossible to teach workplace etiquette. Therefore, there will be a lot of very different people ranging from egotistical assholes to the kindest people ever. The workplace can turn really bad really quick, for any number or reasons. A horrible, constricting boss, an annoying colleague kissing that bosses ass, or just over-working. There are many parallels between that and college, especially in theater. Theater is so competitive and that can really affect your life. There are some people that sacrifice their entire college experience to just work, and work, on their assignments. It's so difficult to balance life and school in college, and knowing when you're doing enough work, or too much, is a blurry line. The biggest problem is when this is affecting your desire to do what you love. When you're working so hard to be the best in your class that you forget why you got into theater in the first place, that's a serious problem. A legendary man by the name of Andrew DG Hunt once said, "Everybody does theater because they love it".

GabeM said...

While this article is fairly brief, it does seem to raise some fairly good points. It is very clear to understand that the type of environment you work in can affect the quality of work you put out. In the article it talks about how a toxic environment causes people to get sick more often, this might be the biggest reaction to this workplace. If your employees are always absent because of stress related illness then you wouldn't be getting an appropriate amount of work because they just aren't there to do it. Also, this kind of environment can have more physical consequences on your body like weight gain from stress eating, and even in some more serious cases, alcoholism just to cope with the type of feelings they develop in a toxic place. In some ways a person's attitude is highly contagious and affect the people around them, and if these feelings aren't positive it has a very negative impact in this workplace. This article was interesting to read and brought up good symptoms to look for when you may be having a bad time where you work. It's helpful especially for young adults because as a generation getting ready to enter the professional workforce, while a job is good, it is also important to put your own self first and make sure where you're working is healthy and the right fit for you.