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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

What Sam Shepard Meant to the Bay Area

KQED Arts: In a world drowning in celebrity, the news of Sam Shepard’s death from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a shock of the old kind: A powerful and elusive presence has vanished. It’s the type of disappearance Shepard captured with élan not just in his plays, but also with his striking, affectless acting and even in the way he carried himself through and along the edges of a culture increasingly dedicated to fame as a weapon and commodity.

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DJ Lesh said...

Sam Shepard truly is an amazing and inspirational playwright. I have always admired his work as I feel his plays always deal with very hard subjects that are important to and prevalent in our society. Sam Shepard has a special place in my heart as I got my first professional sound design credit on a production of Buried Child. The first time I saw the show, I fell in love with Buried Child. It is such a powerful piece that speaks to a lot of hard subjects including domestic abuse, family issues, mental health and more. It is truly a shame that such and iconic man has passed away and I can certainly say that the world and the Bay Area and surrounding areas will not be the same without him.