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Friday, August 04, 2017

TAIT Set & Stage Design of Lady Gaga's Joanne World Tour are Revealed The stunning aesthetics of Lady Gaga’s Joanne World Tour gave many attendees goosebumps as the set and stage, built by TAIT, took over the entire arena. The full layout consisted of a very dynamic and kinetic main stage, three flying bridge platforms which double as projection displays, two satellite stages and an LED integrated b-stage.


DJ Lesh said...

TAIT has outdone itself once again. Every time I read about one of TAIT's new set and stage designs I am amazed and wonder how they did it. Yet, they seem to always be able to do more. The smart use of the same element for multiple uses in this design allows them to do so much with the same amount of equipment. An example of this are the LED displays that serve as lighting pods, but also can lower to serve as bridges to allow Lady Gaga and other performers to access the satellite stages. On top of this, the wave lifts that are upstage are truly amazing and can serve very different purposes as they change angle and height. Again, a smart use of the same amount of equipment doing a lot of different things.

blue Williger said...

WOW! This is a truly incredible design! Lady Gaga, who I always expect to have an incredible design for her tour has done it again. Know for her elaborate sets and costumes, Gaga's creative team and outsourced designers have created something amazing. I love the wave lifts, they add such a dynamic feature to an already fantastical design. The flexible nature of them lets the stage change at any moment. I also love the bridges that descend from the inflatable lighting pods. They serve not only as a surface to project on like billboards, but as a functional bridge for people to travel between satellite stages and the main stage. Finally, I love the custom designed the jagged, heart-shaped, laser piano with 44 lasers that shoot beams of vibrant colors when she played. The piano was built out of acrylic, one of my favorite materials! I really enjoy hearing real world applications of acrylic. I have used it on many small scale projects and i hope to use it on a larger scale in the future.

George Meltzer said...

Unlike what Blue has to say and more like what DJ said, I really need to tip my hat off to TAIT. Now Lady Gaga has great designs, but she and her team know very little about staging, rigging, and stage design. I think that TAIT has really out done themselves, I mean with bridges that turn from video walls to bridges and back again. I think that the piano with lasers that they created are so cool. Having worked with acrylic, I really have to give them credit because it looks so seamless. Also the way that they use their wave lifts are really cool and I am super impressed by their use them as part of the movement of the dancers. I am just mind blown by the idea that people had the idea to use video panels as a bridge.