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Friday, August 04, 2017

Cricut Air and Cricut Maker

Cool Tools: Paper is one of the most underrated of the maker materials — whether decorative (cards) or structural (cardboard). It’s cheap, easy to work with and fun. But most of the digital making world (such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNCs) is focused on harder stuff such as plastic, wood, metal and electronics. Paper and fabric seem to be where “crafting” and “making” diverge.

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Nicholas Cialone said...

I think that this tool is great. For me personally, I am awful at using hand tools to cut things like paper and fabric. There are lots of jagged edges, no straight lines, and it is very time consuming to do. This machine could remove a lot of that effort, and make my cuts a lot nicer. For other uses, my sister often makes things for her American Girl Dolls, as well as for our dog. I know that she sometimes has trouble cutting her material, sometimes either doing it wrong or messing up the cut. I also know that there are days when she spends hours on end with scissors in hand cutting various materials, instead of using that time to make sure the stitches are good, or to focus on other aspects of the product. This tool would allow her to do so and in turn, give a much nicer end result.