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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Are Fair Rides More Dangerous Than Amusement Park Rides? Fair rides or “mobile rides,” the simple kind that travel from town to town, have a reputation for being a little sketchy. But are they really any more dangerous than the rides you’d find in a year-round amusement park?

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Veronica Chen said...

I used to think that amusement park rides were fairly safe given the fact that thousands of people ride them everyday and they should be able to keep the riders safe, but after I watched the video of the ride breaking at the Ohio State Fair, and reading about other injuries, I realized that the rides at amusement parks are not as safe as I thought. The video of the ride breaking at the fair was terrifying to watch and I did not expect rides to break that much. I always thought that rides were well made because of the amount of people that ride on them everyday. I don't think it matters if it's an amusement park or a fair based on the fact that the rides aren't safe and can kill anyone. The rides at fairs would seem more unsafe because they travel so much and might take more damage than the ones at amusement parks, but both places require maintenance and safety checks because of how dangerous the rides seem. Especially if they seem precarious.