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Sunday, September 18, 2016

NFTRW Weekly Top Five

Here are the top five comment generating posts of the past week:

Understudies told: don't tweet your show dates

Carousel, News | The Stage: Cameron Mackintosh has clamped down on performers publicising information about their schedules on social media.

The advice, sent to all performers, is expected to have a particular effect on understudies, many of whom post the dates they will be performing lead roles on their personal Twitter accounts.

Why it's so important the live-action 'Mulan' doesn't have a whitewashed cast

The Frisky: People have been known to create a lot of really stupid petitions about things that don’t matter, but this petition against whitewashing the live-action version of Mulan is a damn good cause to stand behind. In March 2015, Disney announced its plans to bring the 1998 classic film Mulan to life via an action movie, and now fans are coming together to make sure Disney sticks to the script and doesn’t put Caucasian actresses where they don’t belong. The story is based in China and all the characters in the animated movie are Chinese, which is vital to the story and shouldn’t be erased.

Wallpapers Gone Wild: Innovative Startups Have Made The '70s Decor Staple Cool Again

Fast Company | Business + Innovation: Designer Katie Deedy vividly remembers the moment her parents took her to pick out her own wallpaper design. Flipping through traditional polka dot and floral patterns, she settled on a graphic Mickey Mouse print in black and white.

"I thought it was the coolest wallpaper ever," she says. "Everything else looked the same ... the most exciting thing was Mickey."

Big 10: Top Colleges Currently Represented on Broadway

Playbill: As part of's Back to School week (#BwayBacktoSchool), we have combined past Schools of the Stars features that track where members of the cast for each Broadway show went to college, along with a bit of added research, to present the top 10 colleges currently represented on Broadway (plus a few honorable mentions). This list represents not only Broadway shows that are currently open, but a few shows that have announced casting for the 2016-2017 season.

Watch Flesh-Detecting Table Saw Technology Save a Finger | Bosch Reaxx We've seen the hot dog demo from Sawstop that shows their blade-braking technology in action. But Kenny Koehler at Pro Tool Reviews decided to take it a step further by risking his own finger and hand, with a real test of the new Bosch Reaxx flesh-detecting active response technology. Do NOT try this at home.


Cosette Craig said...

So I know a lot of people have strong opinions about these type of things. They say that having safety measures like this promotes carless work since theres not much to worry about when you can't hurt yourself too badly on these machines. I've also heard some trash talking about the similar brand, Saw Stop, making their technology purposely dependent on a one-time-only, expensive block that is made by Saw Stop in order to monopolize the market (kind of like apple making the iphones easy to break then charging $150 to repair 2x4" piece of glass). I understand peoples' woes with Saw Stop and their money grubbing, but I am all for a safer workplace. These machines cut out (no pun intended) a lot of the dangers of using a traditional table saw and make the machine more accessible to anyone. If other saws could take a lesson from this, I'd give them two thumbs up (well, one since I lost my left thumb in a run in with a mitre saw.)

Ali Whyte said...

I think that what some of these companies are doing to mitigate the risk of using things like table saws is amazing. I am completely for a better and safer working environment, especially regarding the tings we use everyday. Some people do argue that mechanisms like this allow people to become careless, and I do think that is true to some extent with things that we don't necessarily use all the time. However, I think that people in general become more careless and comfortable with the things, like table saws, that we use on a regular basis anyway. The more we use something the better we think we know it, and often we forget that our everyday tools could still cause some serious damage. With that said, I really think that having precautions like this to reduce injury in something we use so regularly creates a better and safer working environment.