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Monday, February 20, 2017

Women Directors Might Just Get the Hollywood Ending They Have Been Hoping For

American Civil Liberties Union: This week, Deadline reported that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is in negotiations with the major movie studios to settle agency charges of systemic sex discrimination against women directors.

The EEOC began a wide-ranging investigation of Hollywood’s hiring practices in 2015 after the ACLU and ACLU of Southern California notified the agency of evidence we had gathered showing that sex discrimination against women directors was “standard operating procedure” among movie studios and television networks.

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Helena Hewitt said...

I was recently watching a TED talk by Stacy Smith that broke down the gender demographics in movies. One of the many disheartening points of research she had was that overall gender diversity has not improved or changed significantly since 1945. However, towards the end of her talk, she pointed out that having more women behind the screen, specifically female directors leads to more women on screen as well as more women of racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual minorities on screen and more women over 45. Basically, more women directors are key to changing the belief that to exist in Hollywood as a female you have to be young, white, cis, and straight. Women directors also led to women in other key positions behind the screen because, despite what Hollywood likes to tell us, women support other women and create a world in which they can succeed. Implementing the “Rooney Rule” is a good first step but it will not fix things overnight, I know that the women and the racial minorities that this rule will force companies to interview will still have an uphill battle to fight to change the companies letting them interview because they have to to getting them to interview because they want to.