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Monday, February 06, 2017

The 23rd Thea Awards: This Year's Most Innovative Entertainment Design Projects

Entertainment Designer: The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) announced the 23rd annual Thea Award recipients at the annual IAAPA event in Orlando. The award is one of the industry’s most prestigious honors, and recognizes achievements in technology, design, theming and immersive experience. “As TEA heads into its 25th anniversary year, our annual Thea Awards reflect an industry that is increasingly global and technically sophisticated.

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Katherine Sharpless said...

I really enjoyed reading this article and seeing the variety of Themed entertainment projects recognized by TEA this year. Some winners were what you'd expect, a new Universal Studios show, an innovative roller coater, etc. But I loved reading about the Van Gogh Museum and the Décrocher la Lune in Belgium. The immersive puppet show in Belgium won the "Live Event Spectacular on a Limited Budget" award which at first seemed like an annoying thing to point out. But it's actually wonderful that lower budget shows are recognized so it's not Disney or Universal with their millions of dollars and resources winning every year. Also the Meet Van Gogh Museum was able to combine their use of technology with the traditional elements of a museum exhibit to show the "twists and turns" of a complicated artist's life and work. These experiences and the others like it are really changing the role of the audience and how technology can enhance connectivity and education.