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Monday, February 27, 2017

Collaboraction’s ‘Gender Breakdown’ tackles the tearful truth of discrimination through laughter For any woman who’s been told she’s not pretty enough, not thin enough, not white enough, not feminine enough, not “enough” to succeed in theatre…and for any man who has stood by and watched this happen, this show is for you.

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Claire Krueger said...

As soon as I saw the cover image with the actors who participated in this show I wanted to see it. The use of real casting calls was genius, and it’s the perfect technique to make such a horrible description hilarious. I’ve seen a lot of feminist campaigns gone wrong, in the way they portray their message or the ways the audience receives it. It’s where the term femi-nazi comes from after all. After reading the article I really think that this performance will be a successful one in the sense that the audience takes away what the performers intended.The references to reality not only in the casting calls but the audio recordings or real stories connects the play to reality and comes off as a realistic and honest commentary on society instead of a fit of screamed anger. The author is hilarious and I feel like she and the director would get along quite well together.

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