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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mastering the AutoCAD Arc Command

AutoCAD Blog | Autodesk: If you’ve ever taken a good look at the AutoCAD Arc command, you might have found the many options a bit overwhelming. It makes you wonder if the programmer that created it got paid by the option! But, believe it or not, each of these options has a purpose. Which one is most appropriate for you to use depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and, maybe more importantly, what you already know. With these pointers you’ll be mastering the Arc command in AutoCAD in no time.

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Cosette Craig said...

Wish I would’ve looked at this when I was trying to draft the mystery machine last week. It’s nice to see visuals. That said, autocad makes it pretty clear on how to use each part of the arc command. Like if it says “start, center, end” there’s not much ambiguity to the instructions.

This article is a shimmer of hope that Autodesk is trying to actually have information about their products online in tutorial format, though. Maya is nearly impossible to learn online due to the lack of support for all the f***ing error messages. Anyways…

I like how the writer of this article is trying really, really hard to try to make this article funny, engaging, and not just a tutorial on how to draw parts of circles. I’ve never seen so many exclamation points used to explain computer clicks. Also, Dick Block is never this giddy talking about drawing curves so I’m docking some points for lack of realism.