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Friday, January 27, 2017

An Interview with Madeleine George

THE INTERVAL: Here are some things that I learned about playwright Madeleine George within the first ten minutes of being in her apartment: she likes puns, she is of the “why tell a joke once when you can tell it twice” school of thought, she knows a good Nazi reference and isn’t afraid to use it, she and partner Lisa Kron have to move because they have more books than wall space, she has a painting of an egg that she bought in Moscow, she has been to Moscow, and she has a highly neurotic dog (the mental state of the dog could not be independently confirmed as he was currently in Michigan).

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Rebecca Meckler said...

I was shocked when I read this article and George said that she thought that this play was produced because it was a play with a non-female character. Though I know that there is discrimination in the industry, to credit the success of the her play to the gorilla was something I had not expecting. In addition, I thought the 13 Playwrights was a really interesting and smart idea. Collectively producing each others play seems like a great initiative to establish teamwork in writing. Also, the idea that they could stay on their own timeline was something that I never thought of. However I can imagine that there is pressure to push plays out. This could result in mediocre plays where writers don’t why the characters do the actions. Playwrights should understand the world and the characters since they are the creators. Hopefully this playwright initiative will help writers be able to spend time working on their plays so that they can follow their own timeline and finalize their work.