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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Technical Direction - Schedule & Calendar (again)

TDStudent: hey david, question for you about the gantt chart assignment, if you have a minute

TDTeacher: ok

TDStudent: you say that if our work exceeds our allotted time, we have to determine the amount of overhire required, and where it fits into the schedule. can we have the overhire work on weekends?

TDStudent: because, as my sched. is right now, my lin time is what is exceeding our hard 4 week limit

TDTeacher: well

TDTeacher: what you have there is a show that is too big

TDTeacher: even though you appear to have enough hours

TDTeacher: so

TDTeacher: you can go ahead and use 10 hour days or weekends

TDTeacher: but lets make this rule to see how it works

TDTeacher: you cannot call overhire any time you are not calling your staff

TDStudent: okey dokey

TDTeacher: and then you need to tell me how much overtime will be required

TDTeacher: which we will call any hours in a week past 40

TDStudent: alright

TDTeacher: that’s likely how you would have to handle it in the world

TDStudent: just out of curiosity, because its outta the scope of this assignment, why would you take on overhire, instead of having your guys stay in for overtime?

TDTeacher: really it just isn't done

TDTeacher: makes people twitchy if you sned them home and bring in others to keep from going into OT

TDTeacher: also you get no continuity on projects

TDTeacher: maybe

TDTeacher: if you were doing a complete second shift

TDTeacher: then you would do that

TDTeacher: but if we are talking a couple of guys, less so

TDStudent: ah, ok. i see

TDStudent: just a kind of courtesy to your staff, really

TDTeacher: I guess in a stock or Ed situation

TDTeacher: where the extra labor isn't being paid, you might do like a Saturday all student call without your staff

TDTeacher: but the places I have worked haven't sent staff home to avoid OT

TDTeacher: and in an IA situation its against the rules

TDStudent: k

TDStudent: *frantically writes this down in notebook*

TDStudent: thank you!

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Monday, December 05, 2005


T O N I G H T !

Morgan Springer
Kara Lindsay
Michael McKee and
Thomas Douglas

Maury Yeston's

11:00 pm

Sophomore Actors Jazz Lab

All are invited to the Sophomore Actors Jazz Lab, being held on this Tuesday at 1:40 -2:00 PM in the Morie Studio. Support your fellow thespians as they demonstrate their terpsicordian prowesss!

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Monday, Dec. 5 Conservatory Hour

A DOLL HOUSE PROJECT: a mask and movement piece devised by the Senior Movement class with masks designed by the Design for the Stage class

5:00pm in the Chosky

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Building Virtual Worlds

Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center Presents:

"Building Virtual Worlds"

Wednesday, December 7th 5:00pm, Followed by a Reception with Free Food McConomy Auditorium, University Center Hosted by Randy Pausch and Jesse Schell

This semester, 50 students with backgrounds in Art, Architecture, Design, Drama, Computer Science, Engineering, English, HCI, Music, Philosophy, and Psychology took an Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) course where they worked in small teams to build interactive Virtual Reality Worlds. We would like to share with the campus community the "best of the best" -- a demonstration of the beauty, cleverness, creativity, humor, and hard work that has characterized this course and its talented students.

Lasting approximately an hour, this exhibition will show a number of short Virtual Reality Worlds and other interactive pieces (for some, the *audience* will get to control the action!) The Exhibition will be followed by a reception where audience members can talk directly with the students, and enjoy refreshments.

We hope to see you there!

For further information on the Entertainment Technology Center:

NOTE: In previous years the show has filled to capacity, so it would be prudent to arrive by 4:30 to ensure a seat.

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Friday, December 02, 2005


Production Planning - Exhibit Project

PPStudent: hey there

PPInstructor: hi

PPStudent: exhibit project question

PPStudent: how extensively are we allowed to use current school of drama resources? (lighting equipment, stock platforms, etc) for the temporary exhibit?

PPInstructor: there would be productions going on

PPInstructor: so you wouldn't want to be a resource hog

PPStudent: so don't assume anything would be available?

PPInstructor: I think you would need to be flexible, so that if what you needed was in a show you still have an exhibit

PPStudent: is it realistic that all of our stock platforms could potentially be in use? cuz that would be the kind of thing we could not really go without if it wasn't available

PPInstructor: the metal or the wood

PPStudent: i suppose we could be flexible in that sense

PPStudent: so you think we could spec stock platforms, and say we could use either metal or wood?

PPInstructor: yes

PPInstructor: as long as you don't have to have wood

PPInstructor: we probably would have some around

PPStudent: cool. also, are we allowed to estimate prices based on used stuff from like

PPStudent: specifically truss

PPInstructor: I guess so

PPStudent: alright. cool.

PPStudent: thanks

PPStudent: one more question

PPStudent: sorry - just came up

PPInstructor: right

PPStudent: we have several interactive stations as part of our temporary exhibit. each will be built depending on its unique details and features. can we just estimate a total cost and labor time for the construction of the station, or do we need to figure out exact materials and labor needed (thus needing to go into more design depth than it seems like we need for this early on in the process)

PPStudent: the same question goes for things like set dressing, if we're gonna scatter design supplies or shop tools on a table, do we need to estimate each component, or just put in a lump sum for 'set dressing'?

PPInstructor: yes

PPInstructor: depends on how complete you want to appear to be

PPStudent: what would be typical at a professional design pitch for an exhibit like this?

PPInstructor: round prices for a range of options

PPInstructor: some examples of what the different kinds of options would be

PPStudent: alright. cool. so if we give an idea of what we're going for and an estimate of how much that specific project would cost, we should be on the right track/

PPStudent: ?

PPInstructor: yes

PPStudent: great. thanks


Please join the Graduate Dramatic Writers for our end of the semester New Play Readings. All readings are FREE and take place in Checco Studio A.

Dates and times as follows? Hope to see you there!!

Monday 12.05 @ 8 PM-- GOAT SONG FOR ASA JACOBS by Jason Williams, directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar ?Asa demands that God answer for the suffering of the world.?

Wednesday 12.07 @ 8 PM-- HELEN of TROY HILL by Toussaint McClellan, directed by Laura Konsin ?While Death stalks Mom in the bedroom, the challenges of Life invade her four children in the living room.? Thursday 12.08 @ 8 PM-- WHISPER by Michael Herman, directed by Kathleen Amshoff ?Irena struggles to escape the abuse and violence of the sex industry.?

Friday 12.09 @ 8 PM-- THREE WAYS TO TIE A NOOSE by Michael Scotto, directed by Laura Gross ?Crawford Mills spent half his life in prison, but he?s only just begun to pay for his crime.? Saturday 12.10 @ 2 PM-- THE RED CRAVAT by Lulin Yu, directed by Matt Gray ?A young Chinese woman seeks revenge on the father who abandoned her and her mother during the Cultural Revolution.? Saturday 12.10 @ 8 PM-- SAMARITAN by Mary F. Unser, directed by Kathleen Amshoff ?A young woman returns to the place she was brutalized, looking to settle the score.? Sunday 12.11 @ 2 PM-- ANOTHER DAY ON WILLOW STREET-- by Frank Anthony Polito, directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar

?The lives of two couples change forever after a homeless man enters their world.? Sunday 12.11 @ 8 PM-- CHERRY SMOKE by James McManus, directed by Dan Rigazzi ?A fighter and his girl struggle for true love and survival in a world destined to crush them.? Monday 12.12 @ 8 PM-- CONFESSIONS OF AN 8th GRADE NOBODY by Chris Dimond, directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar ?Stephen Denardis gains popularity through the usual means: Deception, Betrayal, Spin the Bottle? And War.? Tuesday 12.13 @ 2 PM-- EMMANUEL?S LAW by Nick Pachas, directed by Kathleen Amshoff ?For 500 years Emmanuel has been seeking Redemption? At last his chance appears.?

New York Drama Alumni Clan's annual holiday party

The New York Drama Alumni Clan's annual holiday party will be held at SARDI'S on Wednesday, December 21st from 5pm to 7:30pm.

address is:

SARDI'S 44th Street, between Broadway and 8th avenue New York

No rsvp necessary;

FREE admission for students and faculty.


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