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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Vintage lighting control photos you didn't know you needed in your life

et cetera...: Welcome to the latest edition of the Monthly(ish) Museum, where we explore the storeroom of vintage lighting industry equipment and ephemera in ETC’s collection.

This entry doesn’t focus specifically on gear; in addition to equipment, we have boxes full of manuals, drawings, and printed promotional material from companies throughout the the lighting industry, dating back as far as 1892. Some of those promotional materials are product brochures, and some of those product brochures contain amazing vintage images of people using – or at least posing with – lighting equipment.

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Alex Talbot said...

It's really funny to see these consoles marketed in the classic 1950s=1960s style, since it is so unexpected. Normally, I see these photos in marketing of cars and appliances, but since lighting control is so niche, especially in that time period, it is hilarious to see them marketed in this glam way. In addition, it's funny because while this style of marketing is gone, nobody would even think of using a model to market lighting systems or control consoles today--today they are marketed for their look and their impressive functionality. But one of the coolest things I found in this image set is the scantron style--graphite bubbles that control different presets--it's so functionally different from the consoles of today, but with the tech of the time it makes so much sense. Overall, this was a really cool photo set about a period of theatre tech I knew nothing about.