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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Nevada entertainment safety training bill draws support

Las Vegas Review-Journal: The entertainment capital of the world may soon require health and safety training for workers in the entertainment industry.

The Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy Committee on Monday heard Assembly Bill 190, which would require health and safety training for supervisors and those who work with stage props, rigging, pyrotechnics and high-voltage wiring.

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Angel Zhou said...

I think this safety training bill is not only necessary, but it also should have been implemented a long time ago. Las Vegas has long been a place that had flashy shows and dangerous acts. I’m actually surprised that this training has not been required in the past and I wonder what exactly motivated it to come about now. Was it the recent Cirque du Soleil accident or have there been a number more fatalities/injuries in the recent years? In other words, is there any data to support this bill’s current-day implementation? Statistics and charts would strongly help the passing of this health and training bill, and I’m surprised that none are mentioned in the article. Regardless, this bill is definitely appropriate given the location and I hope that other areas that have entertainment industries similar to that of Nevada’s begin to follow suit if they do not already have a training bill implemented.