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Monday, May 01, 2017

Lessons in Stage Management

TheatreArtLife: When studying theater, one repeatedly hears the same cautionary tale… “If you can see yourself doing anything else for a career, you should do that instead.”

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Annie Scheuermann said...

By now anyone in this program has heard how this industry is hard to find work in and hard to make a living in. I feel like everyone has their opinion on it and it is far one way or the other, some say - like the author of this article, to run away while you still can, and others say to really go for it and do not stop. I know that I don't have any ground to stand on as far as the professional world goes, as I have not had to navigate that yet. I think the most important thing though it to be flexible and let the career take you where it's going to take you. Goals are good to have, but being stuck in one place is not going to work out well with the pace of theater. I do agree with the author that stage management is really such a wide skill career that the more experience in everything always helps. I think pushing people away from theater is a little too harsh, I think the focus should not just be Broadway, but with stage management their are so many places that it is applicable to, scaring people away is a little aggressive.