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Saturday, May 06, 2017

D-BOX Technologies powers Cirque du Soleil’s NFL Experience Times Square The state-of-the-art sports-themed attraction has been created by Cirque du Soleil in partnership with the National Football League.

NFL Experience Times Square will feature a leading-edge immersive theater with high-definition projectors and 185 seats powered by the motion of D-BOX Technology.


Alexa James-Cardenas said...

Okay, so straight off the bat the title interested me, and not just because it was Cirque Du Soleil, but for the words NFL and D-Box. I didn’t know that Cirque Du Soleil was doing a NFL experience, which would mean that they would do a football themed show??? Also D-Box: If this is the D-Box that I’m thinking about then I have mixed feelings. Okay even after reading the article I’m still confused on how Cirque is involved in this, because it sounds more like this experience is a bunch of clips of football players with moving chairs. And speaking of moving chairs, I have actually had a bit of “experience” on D-Box chairs (meaning I’ve been on them during movies before). As I said before, mixed feelings. On one hand, it is a cool idea to physically feel the movements and energy of the players as an immersive experience. One the other hand, the movements of the D- Box that I have been on are more limited and kind of jarring which distracted me from the actual content. I also have really bad motion sickness (not on roller coasters, but when I’m sitting down and the movements of things in front of me are two shaky: example Hardcore Henry… that was too much, and thinking of adding the D-Box on that is giving me anxiety…) I hope there is more information on this partnership in the future.

David Kelley said...

So i click the article because the partnership between the NFL and Cirque Du Soleil just seems bizarre, I know that sure they always could together technically but seeing it in print just seems weird. And after reading the article I still don't know what the hell Cirque Du Soleil is bringing to the project because the article barely mentions them. It goes into relatively decent detail about what type of exhibits the NFL wants in the new Time Square location ranging from larger than life video to interactive games that allow you see how you measure up to the pros, this all seems cool. But is Cirque Du Soleil doing in the project and what do they get out of this new experience it doesn't really seem like anything they have worked on before or will likely work with again. Despite all of my confusion I do truely hope to experience works cause I want to try it all out.