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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Women to Watch: Highlighting Powerful Women in the Production Industry The production industry is always changing, from new ways to film to new technology, with so many women spearheading new initiatives that continue to change the industry. We are thrilled to present a few of our favorite "Women to Watch" -- women who are constantly inspiring and reaching new ceilings in an industry that was previously male-dominated. Check back frequently as we add to this amazing list of women throughout Women's History Month, and place your own suggestions in the comments below.


Taylor Steck said...

Within the midst of the other articles that have been posted on here about women in the work force, and in the different areas of our industry specifically, I really like the way this one is organized. By showcasing real women and celebrating their accomplishments, it creates a tangible sense of reality and possibility for any young women who may be reading this article. In most of these types of articles they usually don't go into more depth past the point of just saying the names of the women and maybe their job title at best. However, in this article there are interviews with the women themselves who can describe what it's actually like to be a woman their place and position of work. They are also asked to describe what it was like to get to their position in the field of work and what that process was like. Articles like these are important for promoting women and encouraging further diversity in the industry.

Vanessa Ramon said...

I love to see articles like this. It is always nice to hear about how actual women are making some great strides in the industry. I am really luck to be a part of a community with several wonderful and strong women role models and it is nice to see that this level of strength is not contained to the community I am a part of. It is cool how this article shows a great variety of jobs that these strong women have found in the industry but its even cooler to read how these women are founders or CEOs of the companies they are working at. not only have they followed their passion by pursuing a career in the arts, but they have worked hard to be in charge of these passions and inspiring the community. Its also great that the article included their journeys in getting to where they are today.

Ali Whyte said...

To me, this format was one of the best I have seen in terms of presenting people and their accomplishments, but also why I should care about this specific person. I especially liked the section for advice from these successful women to those maybe looking to be where they are someday. I also really liked the variety of women they chose to include. I expected a list of directors and producers and perhaps one other category, but I was surprised and excited by the complete variation in occupation fo all of these different women. I think those who have started their own companies are especially inspirational. I often overlook and forget that those big name companies actually have people behind them and at some point they were just an idea in someone's head. Showing other women that they, if they wanted to, could create one of those big name production companies lets them know all of the options available to them.