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Monday, April 03, 2017

Sh!tfaced Shakespeare: Experience The Bard like never before at the next Multiple Choice event

NEXTpittsburgh: For many of us, the words “multiple choice” might conjure cringe-worthy memories of stressful standardized tests, bureaucratic forms and more. But what if multiple choice actually meant a fabulous night out with you in the driver’s seat determining your destiny for world-class performance and entertainment? That means: [A] See a show; [B] Attend a party; [C] Grab dinner from food trucks; or better yet: [D] All of the above.


Delaney Johnson said...

I can honestly say that I was prepared to rant when I read this article's title. In fact, I flashed back to seeing midnight showings at crappy community theatres which doubled as gambling halls and places for underage youth to drink. I specifically remember witnessing a 53 year old women roller-skating into a wall with a beer in one hand while attempting to sing "Under the Sea “from The Little Mermaid. Establishments such as these always made me mad as to think that this is what the outside world thinks theatre is. However, while reading this article I was reminded of one thing: those shows were hilarious. For that reason, I respect this drunken Bard performance by Multiple Choice, not as a theatre production necessarily, but as entertainment. No matter how ridiculous or silly this type of entertainment may seem, it is okay just to laugh at something stupid and funny, especially in this day and age.

Alexa James-Cardenas said...

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I’m not really a fan of drunk performances, particularly when the audience gets drunk. I do understand that there is supposed to be fun in it and I am a fan of loud reactions (ask anyone who has seen a movie with me), but I do find it annoying when the groups of people continually shout at the play without a pause. Respond with purpose, but just at every moment… but that is just me. On the other hand, I do think that there could be a lot of good moments, deep and thoughtful and not just laughable, when professional actors get drunk and performs. I could totally wrong, because I’ve never experienced a show like that before. However, alcohol does make some people more emotionally vulnerable and sometimes more daring, which could serve to bring a new kind of life to the original text, or least that is what I hope.

Tahirah K. Agbamuche said...

I personally am a huge Shakespeare fan. I do not consider myself the most well versed, but I am an avid appreciator of the text. This being said, I am always interested to see how entertainers today find new ways to keep classic text fresh, and entertaining. I love an adaption as much as the next person, and I am highly engaged by the idea. This suggestion however, I am not so sure about. When I am coming to see a show, I am coming to see a show- a semi professional one at least, especially if I am paying for it. I would not spend money to watch a drunken audience member stumble across the stage. It is just not my personal humor. I also feel like using shakespeare as the content is rather disrespectful to the Bard. Nor do I think anyone in attendance will be able to appreciate, or leave with any meaningful memories of the show. This goes for any content, I feel like it would be a disservice because no one would be sober enough to remember much of what is going on. It is an odd idea. That being said, I do think the multiple choice series from the August Wilson Center is an interesting idea.