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Thursday, April 27, 2017

RTI NEO ONE Revolutionises Lasers for Large Scale Productions RTI NEO ONE features both DMX and ArtNET, making it compatible within existing control infrastructure, with no other control system required. The RTI NEO ONE is designed as multi-projector-laser-system: Several units can be attached to each other with a quick-lock system. Due to the octagonal shape, it is not only possible to use several units side-by-side, but also allows to create shapes of laser systems or mount them at unusual positions, like e.g. flanking the sound-line-arrays on big stages, arranged as circle or in other shapes on stage.

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Marisa Rinchiuso said...

This is not the typical article I tend to read, but I thought it was very interesting. I've never really known much about lasers, however I was intrigued to see how RTI NEO ONE "revolutionized" it. Not knowing the precedent, I can not fully evaluate the revolutionary qualities of the product, however, I did think it was an amazing product. My favorite part about it was that it was 7kg (so like 3 pounds). Often times I find that the best technological products are often outrageously heavy. For example, everyone loves to use moving light, but trying to hang one of those in a lift is absolutely terrifying. I also thought it was cool that they designed it in an octagonal shape so that it could be configured in a plethora of ways. I'm honestly still a bit confused on what 24W be foot means, but it sounds like it would be a lot for a laser, so it is definitely pretty awesome! Very interesting read to learn about a unique product.