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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Harry Shearer: Why My 'Spinal Tap' Lawsuit Affects All Creators

Rolling Stone: Behind the ambitious, creative talent that is Hollywood lies a darker side of the entertainment industry little appreciated by the ordinary moviegoer. It's an opaque world of film financing, revenue accretion and minimal profit share. If exposed, as our Spinal Tap lawsuit against Vivendi aims to do, fans will no doubt be horrified at the shameful gravy train that rolls for corporate rights holders at the expense of creators. So far, challenges to media conglomerates' comfortable status quo provoke little more than derision, since the power balance is so skewed in their favor. But, for how much longer?

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John Yoerger said...

Well, I don't really think people would be "surprised" to discovery that the film industry is flaunted with corporate greed and nasty people who are only involved for the money and want to suck such money from the creators. Part of the problem is that those new to the industry don't seem to know what they're getting themselves into. I almost wonder if these big companies make artists sign Non-Disclosure Agreements so they can't tell the public how it really is. Or perhaps they won't because they don't want to get dropped from their record deal. I will say, if it is such a problem, that a bunch of artists could probably band together to make their own record producing/film company that is for artists by artists. It certainly is an interesting idea. I'm looking forward to hear the results of the lawsuits and to see how it will shape the lives of creators in the future.