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Friday, April 21, 2017

Chromolume Design | Sunday In The Park With George Broadway Revival A week before Christmas, we were contacted to see if we could join the production of Sunday In The Park With George, which was scheduled to begin previews in less than two months. The opportunity to work on such a brilliant show with a great creative team at the opening of the newly restored Hudson Theatre was too good to pass up. Recent productions have been known to feature masterful projection designs. So it was clear that our challenge was to “bring order to the whole” and create a unique approach to both the world of 19th-century George Seurat and his contemporary—well, 1980s—grandson George: the inventor of the Chromolume.

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William N. Lowe said...

Another week, another Sunday in the Park with George article. While I did not like much about the Signature Theatre’s production of Sunday, their Chromolume was very well done. This just sounds crazy from the summary of it. Beyond the terrible time of year to be working on a project like this, the DMX controlled winches really do sound incredible and I can see why there is such high demand for it. The whole project seems extremely ambitious and it is really awesome that it all eventually came together with all of the work that they put into it. There also really is this funny connection to the show with the feelings of Dennis and the whole Chromolume team in the show and the crew working on the one for the most recent production, and I think that the reason that the majority of Chromolumes are not up to par is because most shows are not prepared to put in that much work.