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Monday, April 10, 2017

Burned curtain at UNCG Auditorium alters opera plans

Blog: Go Triad - A&E Extra | The show will go on this weekend for UNC-Greensboro Opera Theatre.

But not in UNCG Auditorium, and not quite as planned.

A fire Tuesday night heavily damaged the main stage curtain at the venue, formerly named Aycock Auditorium, at Tate and Spring Garden streets.

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Kelly Simons said...

I clicked on this article because of how ridiculous the cover picture is. I thought it was some kind of joke, or I was looking at it wrong. But seriously, the picture is real, there is seriously a guy, on stage, standing 5 feet away from this raging curtain fire. How can that possibly be safe? Reading through the article I learned that only the main drape caught fire, and a section of it was damaged beyond repair. Staff members were able to put out the fire, and no one was hurt, including that dummy standing on stage near it. I’m glad that the opera will still be going up, so it won’t be as much as a loss. Quick thinking on the part of the production manager to change the venue in order to make this production work. Theatre is all about adaptability and this is a perfect example.