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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Carnegie Science Center

Tested: Adam visits Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center on Educator Night, and learns alongside Environmental Charter School's Michelle King what programs and strategies the center's mobile maker space offers teachers and students alike.

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Galen shila said...

Every time something involving Adam savage comes up i just have to check out the article. This one was particularly wonderful because it shows the initiatives that are being executed to bring creativity and making to everyone. The whole idea of a mobile maker space is absolutely wonderful. It allows schools and other programs to have an opportunity to access this kind of space. Something really profound that was brought up was the idea of teaching teachers. In such a modern world the type of education we need i changing much faster than the required syllabus and it is up to the teachers to fill in the gaps for students. Not only that but watching a teacher learn sets up the idea of lifelong learning and that we can all improve ourselfs and out education. I believe that that kind of sentiment will inspire kids to peruse what they love and go out an learn what they are passionate about on their own.