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Friday, April 21, 2017

A Pioneering Pilot, a Broadway Show and a Life-Changing Bond

The New York Times: She was a girl who dreamed of flying. A woman who broke barriers in commercial aviation. And then a pilot ordered to divert a trans-Atlantic jet to Gander, Newfoundland, during the unfolding terror of Sept. 11, 2001.

Beverley Bass had an unusual story to tell when a pair of dramatists started researching the encounter between stranded air travelers and small-town Canadians in those days after the attacks. And now she has another unusual story, as she stares over and over again into a heart-tugging piece of musical theater, and sees her own life mirrored back.

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Zak Biggins said...

Come from away was easily one of the best shows I have seen this theatre season on broadway. In my opinion, the true winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical. The story is so captivating as it describes something we all know about: 9/11 terrorist attacks; however, it provides a new perspective. The musical depicts what occurred outside of the United States, something I have never considered when discussing the domestic attacks. Through this ensemble piece the cast members each take on multiple roles allowing each one to have equally important stage time. Come From Away's choreography was not what you would typically expect from a Broadway Musical (across the floor, leaping, turning), rather, it was simple movement that completely motivated the plot. Not having an intermission captivated audience members and kept them engaged the entire show. I honestly cannot recommend the piece more to anyone- and I have seen Dear Evan Hansen as well- this musical is the real deal.