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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Las Vegas nightclub is getting turned into an e-sports arena

The Verge: Starting in early 2018, the Luxor Hotel will be home to the very first e-sports arena on the Las Vegas Strip. The joint venture between Allied Esports, Esports Arena, and Luxor-owner MGM Resorts International will see an existing 30,000-square-foot nightclub transformed into a multi-level e-sports venue. It will be equipped with all the staples of a standard sports arena plus an LED video wall, professional streaming video production studios, and daily gaming stations for attendees.


Galen shila said...

E sports has been a really powerful force in events in recent years. For a long time in places like Korea it was a televised sport and just recently has it taken off in america. I am so very excited to see a dedicated E sports arena in the Vegas strip. Most E sports events rent out stadiums and convention centers but having a dedicated building really has its upsides. I can defintaley see many international events being held here for games such as DOTA Hearthstone and starcraft 2. Not only is the idea of hosting the even here wonderful but it makes streaming the even easier. Because most people cannot make the trip to Vegas too see e sports most events will stream the commemorators and game play. I feel that having a dedicated venue will allow for ease of use in this respect. Overall i am super excited to see how the venue works out as well as how it impacts the e sports market.

Angel Zhou said...

I was 14 when I began playing League of Legends – I am now 21. Though I have started to realize and actively avoid the negative impacts that the game has had on my life, I have nothing but awe (and confusion) as to the extreme fan base that professional League of Legends (and other e-“sports”) has garnered. I personally firmly believe that League of Legends is not a sport, but I do not deny the value of using professional gaming to turn out a profit. I have no doubts that more sports arenas will emerge as a result of the popularity of gaming tournaments, and I suppose I am not all too surprised at the Las Vegas location for the first US one, but I am nervous about the future of e-sports. It is, just like other popular sports, a male-dominated field, and I personally dislike the game due to its highly toxic, rage-inducing atmosphere and community. There is also a strong male dominance vibe that is evident whenever females attempt to break in to the industry. I also believe the game is very addicting and extremely time consuming, two things that negatively impact its target market – teenagers and young adults.