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Monday, March 06, 2017

Yes, women are still getting screwed in Chicago theaters

On Culture | Chicago Reader: Gender Breakdown, Collaboraction's angry and absorbing ensemble piece about inequity in the theater community, is rooted in something equally dramatic, but a lot drier: a ten-month research project undertaken by Kay Kron, an actor, writer, and, currently, development associate at Chicago Children's Theatre, as the "capstone" project for the DePaul University master's degree in nonprofit management she'll complete this year.

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Vanessa Ramon said...

Still? Really? Come on people. It saddens me to hear time and time again that women are being underestimated and under hired in any workplace, but especially theatre. I think of our culture as one of the most progressive and diverse industry and to continually hear that even today we are still dealing with the fact that women are underrepresented? Also, the article brings up the fact that that is just taking into consideration all women and when we try to break up women into categories like race and ethnicity, the percentages are barely whole numbers. I like how this article looks at the whole picture. Its conclusion is not only that men need to move over and make some room but also we need more women playwrights and directors being represented. I know women in all of these fields that are incredible and have stories to tell and interpret. The world is missing out!!