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Thursday, March 30, 2017

MIDI controller can turn everyday objects into music makers Though MIDI controllers are generally used for digital music making, the automat from dadamachines offers laptop or smartphone tunesmiths the opportunity to create something distinctly analog. A central control box acts as the go-between for MIDI software and a bunch of bashers and beaters that can be placed near such things as plastic boxes, metal balls or glass jars to sound the melody.

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Simone Schneeberg said...

Last year my sister sent me a video of her science teacher playing piano through a bunch of bananas, and I immediately thought of the Blue Man Group. HE had wired signals into the bananas that allowed him to simulate an electric keyboard when he put pressure on the fruit. This MIDI controller reminds me of that and follows along the same line. I think it's really cool that the creator wanted to take a step outside of the digital world. More and more of the things we do and the things we make and the things we consume are in the digital world. We forget about the creativity and the potential of the physical world. Yes, a computer can do a lot of things, but so can the objects we have around us in our daily lives. I've always loved to play with that and I enjoy that products such as this control strive to make that cool and fun again.