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Friday, March 10, 2017

diamond schmitt architects reconfigure toronto centre for the arts canadian practice diamond schmitt architects has transformed the 1900-seat toronto centre for the arts into two performing venues. changing the nature of the purpose-built room meant working with the existing infrastructure as much as possible, while at the same time, radically changing its appearance and functionality.

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Angel Zhou said...

This space is gorgeous and awe-inspiring. The architects who transformed the space did an amazing job, though I do wish I knew what the venue looked like prior to the renovations. However, the article additionally says that the center was transformed into two performing venues, but spends only two images and a non-adjacently placed description on the second one. I also don’t know why the article’s writer felt the need to include only lower-case letters. In other words, the article could use some better design features, just like the ones the toronto center for the arts (Toronto Center for the Arts? their lack of capitalization has made it hard for me to know what is right or wrong) got.

Though it is amazing, I wonder what kind of context or events these renovations would work with. I almost feel the LED brightness is a little too much. I’m curious as to what a show that truly utilizes the space would look like.