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Monday, March 13, 2017

Boston’s Theater Scene: What Makes It Hot and Why You Need to Be There

WhereTraveler: Boston’s erudite, enthusiastic audiences have long made the city a favorite spot for Broadway producers trying out new material. But as its vibrant network of homegrown theater companies gets busier and busier, Boston has become a fertile source of new playwrights, whose soon-to-be-acclaimed work can be seen on stages all over town before migrating to New York and beyond.


Evan Schild said...

Boston is going to be the next Chicago in terms of theater within 10 years. Right now Chicago has so many theater companies and touring houses but I feel that Boston will soon be up there for one of the best cities with theater. So many amazing shows are being produced. They have amazing theater schools such as Emerson and Boston University to help young artist learn. They are producing Broadway bound shows at the A.R.T. Just in the past 5 years I can think of at least four shows that started at the A.R.T. and then transferred to Broadway. Boston is about to explode with theater even though it already is! Every hit Broadway show seems to tour Boston. What is also incredible is there need for young and emerging artist to create theater in Boston. Many companies have decided to start fellow ship programs and that is incredible. In a time when our president is cutting the arts budget its remarkable to see so many theaters still involved in the process of young artists.

Zak Biggins said...

I love seeing theatre in Boston! Boston is quickly gaining attention by commercial theatre artists. Like Evan said, recently it has been the go to place for Broadway transfers. The American Repertory Theatre produces phenomenal broadway bound work each season. I was luck enough to see Pippin at the A.R.T and it honestly solidified my love for this art form. They have had widely successful transfers such as Pippin, Waitress, Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, etc. The Boston theatre scene is also particularly interesting because of its long running "The Donkey Show" it is supposed to be incredible. I also would like to note that Boston has widely reputed training centers for artists (Boston University, Berklee music school, The Boston Conservatory). Even Harvard has started to develope their theatre program further! Not to mention the insane amount of regional and community theatre this city produces every year. Maybe Boston is a city worth considering post graduation.