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Monday, December 26, 2016

Four centuries of eyewear design go on display at Design Museum Holon Inuit snow goggles, opera glasses disguised as ladies' handheld fans and experimental sunglass designs from the 1960s feature among a trove of historical eyewear that has gone on display at Design Museum Holon.

The glasses belongs to a single collector, Claude Samuel, the son of a former eyewear designer for French fashion brand Pierre Cardin.

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Galen shila said...

i love seeing museums host exhibits like this that showcase clothing or everyday objects over a perioud of time because it alows us to see the evolution of the objects over time. as a designer i find it interesting the was things can go from being utilitarian to merely functional. That change is inspiring. I also find these kind of exhibits allow me as a creator to see how things where made back then. this always helps me when trying to replicate an older object such as glasses. you may be able to find images online but nothing beats seeing things in person.