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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Clay Paky Celebrates PLASA Award Win with Scenius Profile A few days from its 40th anniversary, Clay Paky won the Plasa Award for Innovation with the Scenius Profile. The judges stated that “this product’s innovation reaches from the lamp and reflector all the way through the optical path.” This is pretty much the acknowledgement Clay Paky’s technicians had hoped for after working enthusiastically to invent a fixture with superior light quality, with the contribution of Osram’s R&D department, which created the beautiful lamp used in the Scenius.

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Alex Fasciolo said...

I haven’t yet seen the Scenius in action, but Clay Paky certainly has a good track record when it comes to innovation. Their Sharpy product practically reinvented lighting design in terms of aerial effects, and certainly packs a punch when you consider it’s size. What I’m most impressed by (and would be most excited to play with if I ever got my hands on one of these lights) is the high CRI of the lamp in combination with the new CMY+CTO color system. If this light can do what Clay Paky says it can do, this light should do a very good job at combining the needs of the theatrical lighting designer with the needs of an event or concert lighting designer. It’s the most frustrating thing when you have a system of tungsten lamps that need to blend with a system of arc lamps and you can’t get them to look just right due to the incredibly high color temperature of arc lamps, and while other moving head fixtures have a CTO filter, usually it’s just a color on the color wheel and not something that has the resolution of 16 bit control.