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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Who's Responsible for Disney Parks Growth Explosion? Thanks Shanghai

Theme Park University: For those of you who have been living under a rock, Disney recently announced a seemingly unprecedented laundry list of new attractions and projects coming to Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line and beyond. A new Tron coaster and theater at the Magic Kingdom, a new Mickey dark ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a new skyway ride and even a new resort. Epcot alone has announced a new Ratatouille dark ride as well as a new Guardians attraction. As Bob Chapek said at the 2017 D23 conference, the announcements that have been revealed for Epcot are just the tip of the iceberg.


Brandy Zhang said...

Maybe it is because I am Chinese and I am biased, but I think the idea of having a Disneyland in Shanghai is fantastic! In fact, Disneyland should be wherever it wants to be as long as there is a demand for it. It is not only beneficial for the company financially speaking, but it also benefits all of the people in China or the neighboring Asian countries who have been wanting to go to a Disneyland but have not gotten a chance to visit the US. Creation such like the world of Disney should be shared with the whole world, instead of being kept in the US because it is "American." It is just great to hear that everything is working out and turning out as a success despite all the voices of doubt. I have seen pictures my friends took at the Shanghai Disneyland with their families, and the joy on their faces is not forgeable. If it brings joy to the vast population and financial benefits to the company, then why should it be hated and despised? Maybe you are some "Disneyland purist," but that should not be stopping others from enjoying their lives. On top of all these, the profit is used to develop even better attractions! This is like the icing on the cake, for the money is benefiting all who love Disneyland in the long run. I have not yet visited the Shanghai Disneyland. Hopefully I will get a chance to soon and witness the magic with my own eyes.

Sammy Williams said...

I remember seeing pictures of the Shanghai Disney Resort when it opened. I knew it was one of the first Disney parks in China, so I figured it would be very successful over time. Now, after reading this article, I am happy to hear I was correct. I love how much the resort in Shanghai radiates Disney magic, and it’s wonderful that the profit from it is being used to expand other parks. I’m particularly excited for expansions to Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as those are my two favorite parks in Disney World. My little sister loves Ratatouille, so she’d probably be in line for the new “dark ride” the second she stepped in the park. I’m curious to know whether any of the profit from Shanghai went into the new Avatar expansion to Animal Kingdom (which I am beyond excited for), because it seems like a heavily intricate part of the park. If it is, #ThanksShanghai, because I’ve been waiting for a park like this for years!

Veronica Chen said...

I haven't actually heard of all of these new attractions at the Disney parks and I'm very excited to see everything. I watched the new Disneyland resort open in Shanghai and it was exciting to see everything new especially because of the different things that are there instead of the main things at the two parks in the US. I love reading and looking at the new resort and what the new things are happening at the parks because of all of the different new attractions coming out. The new Guardians attraction is very exciting to think about and especially since I'm a large fan of the movies. The Shanghai resort is bringing the love for Disney closer to those on that side of the world and it brings more publicity for the Disney resorts. I remember reading about the D23 conference and the new Star Wars section of the park and got super excited. The amount of new additions that Disney is bringing to the parks and cruise lines are exciting and the Shanghai resort is just adding to that excitement.