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Friday, August 04, 2017

What Do You Want to Do?

Dimmer Beach: I can hear your groans already. It’s another one of those “question everything” posts, isn’t it, Mark?

Yep! Sure is.

But this week is a little something different as you will only be questioning yourself.

This industry, while extremely small, is incredibly varied in the ways you can make a living within it. Determining which type of lifestyle you want will go a long way to finding the proper career path for you.

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Sidney Rubinowicz said...

This text may seem vague and concise, but it is incredibly thought-provoking. It digs into a question facing the current youth: what do you want to do? This large, imposing inquiry is one that incites stress within the majority of teenagers. Pre-college has been an opportunity for me to begin to sort out this question. Most people claim that college itself is what allows them to find the answer. The article mentions that individuals often get wrapped up in the “how” rather than the “what”. “How am I going to get into college?” “How am I going to make money?” More useful questions would be “What do I want to get from college?” and “What dream do I want to pursue?” The how questions come as a result. The how is the logistics, the what is the dream. How can you plan a vacation without first knowing where you want to go, and what you want to do? How do you plan a career without understanding your goals? These lofty questions may seem just as ambiguous as the title of the article, but they have provided me some clarification on what exactly to search for as I move forward in life.