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Thursday, August 03, 2017

The wonderful reason this woman is selling bags made from retired theater backdrops. Jen Kahn who has been a stage manager on and off Broadway for years, never gave a second thought to what happened to the stage scenery when a show ended until a road trip in 2015. She and her friend wandered into a store selling bags made from old sails from sailboats when inspiration struck.

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Mirah Kozodoy said...

I really enjoyed reading about what this woman is trying to do. I’ve often wondered about the sustainability of theater because it’s always seemed so wasteful. Occasionally, set pieces can be repurposed but, frequently, everything gets thrown out and I feel that there must be a better way to deal with set pieces after a show ends. I really appreciate the skill with which this was executed and I think that, especially after reading about some of the discouraging things happening in the world, it’s a nice change to read about something so well-intentioned and well done. Not only does this company save backdrops from being thrown up, but it also helps pay for theater tickets for middle and high school students. I really appreciated the thought and care that was put into this and I hope that the company continues to grow and that the practice of helping people and repurposing things that would otherwise have been garbage spreads into the world.