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Friday, August 04, 2017

‘The Making of a Great Moment’ is Great… at Moments

KQED Arts: The French philosopher Henri Bergson describes comedy as “something mechanical in something living” and that kind of sums up what it means to live if you ask me. We all have a Timex watch in our souls and we’re slaves to its crude mechanics.

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Jack Desmarais-Harris said...

The Making of a Great Moment is an extremely interesting idea and from the description seems to do what the playwright intends it to do. To be a comedic and interesting story of lives in a relatively short time. The writer of the article seems to have mixed feelings about it. I can't really tell if he thinks that it's good or bad. He begins with saying it has a strong cast, and it's very funny, describing several moments that reflect that. He then goes into how it gets a little boring, and only spots of comedy showed up. The four hour run time is definitely worrisome if they fail to hold people's interest. It definitely seems like a show that'd be interesting to see just to understand what it's all about. It seems that the script has problems and it isn't the performance itself, but the writer himself struggles to take a side and therefore it's difficult to know.