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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Sony Sued for Lacking License to Use T.Rex Song in 'Baby Driver'

Hollywood Reporter: Baby Driver has been a commercial smash. Writer-director Edgar Wright's film has also led to talk how it might rewrite the rules of soundtracks in Hollywood. But according to a copyright lawsuit filed Thursday, Sony Pictures and other producers failed to clear the use of the T.Rex song "Debora."

The lawsuit comes from Rolan Feld, the son of the band's frontman Marc Bolan.


Brandy Zhang said...

This article caught my attention right away because a few of us went to watch Baby Driver last weekend, and we all had the unified opinion that it was not only a good movie, but a good movie with a FANTASTIC soundtrack. This brings me to the topic of the article. The song "Debora" is actually one of the more important songs in the movie, for Baby's love interest is a waitress named Debora. This song was played as the background in scenes where they fell in love. It is actually kind of shocking to think about the fact that Sony would make such a big mistake when it comes to rights to music, especially when the song is so essential to the romantic plot line of the movie. I hope this is just a misunderstanding. If it wasn't, then firstly, it is extremely irresponsible for Sony to not take action to fix this situation. This will forever be a dirt spot on the movie if its name is not cleared from the charges. A movie such like this, where its soundtrack plays a significant part, and some might even consider the soundtrack as its own character, should have been, like the article has mentioned, taken care of on issues regarding rights. It will truly be a shame if its name is not clear. It was really a great movie, made better by its killer soundtrack. I hope this can be resolved soon.

Veronica Chen said...

I had recently just watched this movie and thought that the song was very well used. I think that Rolan Feld and Sony can come to a reasonable solution because it could be a win-win situation on both parties. The song would get more publicity because of how popular the movie is and Sony would be able to keep the song in the movie. The movie as a whole was fantastic, not only with the actors and plot line, but also because the soundtrack went so well with the movie. I liked that the movie was synced to the soundtrack and everything was just so well edited. The song that is in question, Debora, was essential to the movie because the main character is named Debora. It fit that the love interest of the main character had her own song and it helped to define the relationship when Debora and Baby were together.