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Friday, August 04, 2017


Pittsburgh in the Round: Neil Simon’s Rumors rumbles with all the kinetic energy of a whodunit but happily ignores the bullet points from the genre’s rulebook. This isn’t a play where the shock and awe come from the dramatic reveal of a criminal’s identity, but rather from the absurdity inherent in trying to conceal a criminal.

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Jack Desmarais-Harris said...

My high school did Rumors before I was there and from what I hear it was a very successful production. It seems like a difficult show for a high school to pull off considering how most of the show is purely actors just talking. It becomes increasingly difficult for the show to be interesting if your actors struggle to keep up their energy. From this review, it seems that while the cast isn't superb, the integrity of a great show remains the same. With witty dialogue, contrasting personalities, and tons of dramatic irony, the crazy "honest, dishonesty" remains. It's always a concern if a cast will be able to pull off a show, especially when your actors are your actors and you have to work with them in every show you do. Sometimes a director pushes on, however, to make a show work. I would like to see Rumors and from this article I wouldn't mind having seen it in Pittsburgh.