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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Pro-Card Event Edifies at Kryolan City Chicago

Make-Up Artist Magazine: The recent Pro-Card event in Chicago was exclusive, inspirational and informative. Make-Up Artist magazine teamed up with Kryolan to sponsor the event, which was held at Kyrolan City Chicago on Thursday, July 29. The event presented an opportunity for Make-Up Artist magazine’s Pro-Card holders to mingle and get advice from industry leaders.

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blue Williger said...

Having started my work in technical theatre as a makeup artist, this article jumped out at me. I also am a huge fan of Kryolan products, they are great for theatre because of their strong pigmentation. This event seems extremely cool! Makeup artist magazine teamed up with Kryolan to sponsor a Pro-Card event in Chicago that was "exclusive, inspirational and informative."
The event started with a make-up demonstration by Craig Lindberg. With the help of Michael Burnett, Lindberg showed how to do a lightning-fast character make-up. This resulted in a thug version of Burnett, with a wide nose and thick mustache.The second half of the event was a forum about how to expand your business, this was led by Bri Winters and Alex LaMarsh. Additionally, Dina Cimarusti (a baker turned make-up artist and Season 7 champion of Face Off) created a variety of make-up themed desserts. She created lipsticks and lips and eyelash cupcakes.