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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Pitt alum Rauh donates $1 million to school's Studio Theatre

TribLIVE: Richard E. Rauh's father, Richard S. Rauh, founded the Pittsburgh Playhouse, where Rauh spent hours in the 1950s and '60s watching his mother, Helen Wayne Rauh, and others perform.

His own prolific theater career includes appearances on the Pittsburgh Playhouse stage, with Little Lake Theater in Canonsburg, Washington County, and City Theater and Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh.

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Sidney Rubinowicz said...

Beautiful universities like Carnegie Mellon are often made possible through the generosity of its founders and supporters. This article references an important family of philanthropists known as the Rauhs. These individuals were, and continue to be, highly involved in the arts, specifically in theatre and film. It’s interesting to learn about the people who donated to CMU’s very own black box theatre, the Helen Wayne Rauh Theatre. Richard E. Rauh chose to make his most recent donation to the University of Pittsburgh because of his intense love for the theatre, as well as the college he once attended. If I ever were to become this wealthy, I would also want to make donations to the schools that trained and inspired me to pursue theatre. My middle and high school have are so special to me, and I want all the future students to be able to say that as well.