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Friday, August 04, 2017

NYMF Review: Freedom Riders, A Civil Rights Musical

New York Theater: I ran into Congressman John Lewis, one of the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, on my way to see “Freedom Riders,” the inspiring gospel and soul-flavored musical about the courageous efforts by black and white activists in 1961 to desegregate interstate travel in the South. Rep. Lewis was going to the same show, as it turns out, and he was also in the show – one of the characters.

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Sophie Nakai said...

I would totally see this show if I was in New York. I think that this was an important time in history and it should be remembered as more than something we learn in high school history class. At that point in the civil rights movement, african americans and whites were working together to fight for equality. I would love to see the training and preparation for going down into the south and the anticipation and fear that came with it. I think there is great potential to look into the minds of the people who participated and try and show just some of what they were feeling. I also think it is super cool that someone who actually was there went to see the show. Without him and the other participants, this show would not exist, and the civil rights movement would have been very different.