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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Unexpected Development In Student Debt

Butts In the Seats: There was a warning shot across the bows of university/conservatory arts training programs whose graduates have debt out of proportion with their earning potential in the Chicago Tribune last week. Harvard University is suspending graduate admissions for their theatre program for three years after receiving a failing grade from the Department of Education.

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Veronica Chen said...

I think that it's unfair that the student debt is so high for arts programs especially when the starting income is so low once they get out of college. I hope that schools know that the college experience, especially the conservatory programs, should be about teaching the students and not about taking money just for them to go to school. The students are going to that school for an education and not to take some classes while working a full time job just to pay off those classes. They want to go to school to perfect their craft, but are instead weighed down with the debt that they have accumulated instead of the knowledge that they want or need to get better. It's terrifying to know that a program was shut down because of the amount of debt that the students accumulated. A college program is meant to teach students, not instill stress that they won't be able to continue their schooling because of the debt that has built up.