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Friday, July 28, 2017

Ticketmaster Prioritizes Paperless in New York Resale Fight The long and winding road into the future of ticketing in New York got underway on Thursday in Albany, as members of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office met with representatives from the industry. According to the New York Daily News, Ticketmaster tipped its hand, passing a list of its priorities to the Gov’s office on Wednesday. In the ticketing giant’s crosshairs: Legalizing the sale of paperless tickets in New York.

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Nicholas Cialone said...

I think that ticket resales are often one of the worst things in the live entertainment industry. When there are still many tickets available, but at a much higher cost, it makes many people not want to or unable to see a show. If states and the United States were to tighten the laws on ticket resales, bots, and brokers, I believe that live shows would be much more accessible for the general public. Also, in terms of paperless tickets, I think it is a little odd that New York, with Broadway and such, is the last state to have them. I believe that paperless tickets make resales a little more difficult. They also make it a little easier for some people, as they don't need to keep track of their ticket, only have their phone.