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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

'These Kids Are Insane': Jimmy Awards Celebrate Outstanding Teen Performers

NPR: Seventy-four high school singers and dancers, selected from a pool of 50,000 kids across America, recently came to New York City to strut their stuff. They were participants in the Jimmy Awards, which honor the best high school musical theater performers from around the country.

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George said...

I think that this is such a great thing to finally be coming to life. For students, the theater world does not really get a lot of recognition, but now Broadway is bringing kids to preform infront of an amazing crowd. Actors work so hard and get only a clapping, but this changes that. Now, this isn't for tech but its a step in the right direction. Tech has always been in the dark but maybe too there will be one of these for tech, but until then we can continue to work hard and make great strides in making students theater great. Theater students work so hard and now even Broadway is recognizing it, maybe schools will to and that is what I really want to see. Tech has helped me so much and my goal is just to repay the favor.