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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The essentials of AV-over-IP The term ‘AV-over-IP,’ or AVoIP, is used to describe the distribution of audio-visual content across a private network, using IP-like switching and configuration protocols. It’s also commonly referred to as ‘HDMI-over-IP’, because HDMI is the most common input medium. Either way it’s fast becoming a preferred method for AV distribution around the home and commercial environments.

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George said...

This is really cool. Before now, I knew that VoIP, Voice over internet Protocol, was a thing, but never AVoIP. I think that the fact that Cysco says that by 2020 82% of the worlds media will be video is amazing but totally believable. It was only a matter of time before video was sent over a closed network to a screen. It started with files and then voice and now video. I really could see this being widly used for theater applications. If someone made a snake with SDI and a Cat-6 cable, you could capture video, stream it, control lights, sound, and stream the video to a screen. By mixing this with ArtNet, designers and engineers will have so much more flexibility and control over all forms of media. imagine in 10 years of running cat6 everywhere rather than, dmx,powercon,xlr,sdi, and anything else you need and running all that through cat6. Now the cat6 probably won't be able to hold all that but the idea is still there and you can always use fiber optic cable, but that calls into the strength that it needs to be and the cost.