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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Corporate Side ROCKS!!

Guild of Scenic Artists: The basic concept of what we call Scenic Art will always be the same. As Scenic Artists we provide a solution to the needs of a client be that a set designer, or a company, and we as the artists have the responsibility to figure it out.

First, let’s take a moment to talk about my trajectory, and how I came to this place in my life. After getting a BFA, I worked with small theatres and set building companies, and trained some more at Cobalt Studios, before making my jump to ATOMIC. Now it’s all about the big companies, big bands, and BIG SCENERY!


George Meltzer said...

I think that this article is really cool because I am used to mostly working with sets that are less than 20 feet tall but this guy deals with sets that are almost always large than that. I really like their whole motto of sticking to their roots of being mostly scenic artists because thats what their founder always was. I also really like their whole idea of compartmentalizing their business so that each part of the process is dealt with by someone else so that no one person is doing everything. I really wood love to see this shop because going through 25 gallons of pain a day is insane to me, I have never used more than like 8 on any given show. I am not a very good artist, so I don't think that this is the job for me but maybe if I could find something like this for lighting would be awesome, but I totally agree with the whole not sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day. For me I need to be doing something at all times and sitting at a desk reading, really seems awful.

blue Williger said...

Having Primarily worked in smaller theaters, I was curious about how scenic artists work in large theaters. From personal experience working with a mirad of scenic artists I have gotten a good cense of what their process is. From what I know of them, scenic artists, in my experience, do more of the physical work than in larger theaters; I feel this is due to a smaller budget, and thus a smaller staff. The few times i have worked in larger theaters, I have done hair and makeup, and have not worked with scenic artists in those settings.

I was very interested in the business plan that ATOMIC has adapted. ATOMIC is a corporate scenery company. It employs close to 100 people who come from various backgrounds. The company is broken up into a few different business units consisting of Production Services, Design, Set Construction, and Rental Solutions. I think this is brilliant, by breaking up these sectors, they can maximize the amount of work they can do in a set time period.