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Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Art Of Listening: Refining A Vital Pro Audio Skillset

ProSoundWeb: How often do you listen to music? I don’t mean throw some tunes on in the car or play the radio in the background, I mean really listen; the kind of listening where you give the music your full attention, focusing on the qualities of individual sounds and noticing things which are not immediately obvious. That distant layered guitar chord; the faint timbale in the background; the different harmonies of the violins. The nuances of the reverbs, the tuning of the drums, the positioning of sounds within the stereo image.

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DJ Lesh said...

As an aspiring sound engineer and designer, this article really resonated with me. As I read the article, I realized more and more how little I actually spend time fully analyzing music. The article really explained how important it is to be able to pick certain sounds out and analyze wether they really are important to the overall mix. In order to be able to do this, you need to practice. And by listening to music, you are able to practice. I will definitely start breaking down and analyzing music while I listen.