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Friday, July 07, 2017

Thanks to Augmented Reality, Your Desk Will Soon Be a Computer Too

WIRED: In the early 1990s, Xerox Parc researchers showed off a futuristic concept they called the Digital Desk. It looked like any other metal workstation, aside from the unusual setup that hovered overhead. Two video cameras hung from a rig above the desk, capturing the every movement of the person sitting at it. Next to the cameras, a projector cast the glowing screen of a computer onto the furniture’s surface.


George Meltzer said...

This is actually really cool and shows the extreme advancement in our technology over the last 35 years. By using this piece of AR we are going to be able to clear up deck space and my desk is always filled with a ton of stuff, but what I really see this being great for is in the future when I can project this into the air and I will be able to move through my model of something or better yet I will be able to view a completed lighting design, cue by cue. By using this for a Cue to cue before I even get to the show, I will be more prepared with will mean less tech time (as much as we love tech week) and thus less money. I will be able to alter designs of sets and see where things will fit best and that is just awesome.

Veronica Chen said...

I personally love reading about new technological ideas because it really shows the progression of tech throughout the past few years. It's interesting to read about how we're evolving more and more with technology and how we went from massive computers that took up a whole room to tablets that fit in our hands. The idea of a virtual desk fascinates me and I wonder if that idea will really take off in the next five to ten years. It would be really useful to be able to just have calendars and maps be digital on your desk and not have to physically move them if they're in the way. Although the idea is completely fascinating, I understand that it could be something that people won't want. At some point, you will want to shift things around on your desk and then all of a sudden the "screen" of your computer will move and you will have to readjust to use it. The idea of everything in life being completely digital is almost terrifying, but fascinating.